Can Kim Taehyung marry a foreigner?

The members of BTS They cannot marry a foreigner because they must comply with family traditions, the main one being to keep the family name in all their ancestry; that is, the eldest and first-born son must marry a South Korean woman, although this is not mandatory.

Would Taehyung date a foreigner?

We definitely see Taehyung as someone who would view foreign women, particularly Europeans, as quite exotic and desirable since he is someone who embraces and consumes a lot of foreign art, music, fashion and cinema.

Who in BTS is most likely to date a foreigner?

bts mtl to date a foreigner ✨

Namjoon – For obvious reasons, Namjoon is the most likely to date a foreigner. He’s able to communicate the best out of all the members with foreign people, and also loves travelling, so he’d love to explore his partner’s country of origin.

Is BTS allowed to marry a foreigner?

Although RM recently accepted a fan’s proposal, the guys from BTS they are far from married. Not only because they are world stars, they could also have forbidden to marry someone from abroad.

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What type of wife does v want?

As reported by Koreaboo, V said, “A girl that knows how to save money when I make money, someone to stop me if I spend too much money, a girl that says to buy a house before a car, and someone that is willing to give everything to their parents.”

Which BTS member is okay with long distance relationship?

According to a report by Koreaboo, the general consensus seemed to be that Suga would be the best at handling a long distance relationship among the group. Both Jin and Jimin agreed that BTS rapper Suga would be able to deal well with being away from his girlfriend because he’s really cool about things.

Is BTS allowed to date 2021?

So, in short, the members of BTS probably aren’t allowed to date publicly as part of their contracts — although there has been no official confirmation that their contracts include the “no-dating-allowed” clause.

Is BTS secretly dating?

Despite their hectic schedules, we’re sure BTS has at least thought about romantic partnerships. However, none of the members have been in public relationships since the group was formed in 2013.

Which BTS member is OK with language barrier?

BTS’ Suga feels that intricacies of English are an ‘unavoidable’ part of the language barrier. Hence, BTS’ Suga admits that now he tries to pen down lyrics that can be easily understood and comprehended by people who do not speak Korean.

Are any of the BTS members dating each other?

Fact: all seven BTS members are as sexy as they are talented, and if you’ve ever wondered about the members’ relationship statuses, you’re definitely not alone. After all, ever since this K-pop group debuted in June 2013, none of its members has ever been in a public relationship.

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Can kpop idols marry?

Surprise was the most common emotion in response to news of H.O.T’s Moon Heejoon announcing his marriage to fellow K-pop idol Soyul of Crayon Pop. As marriages between K-pop idols are rare, the public were surprised but nevertheless happy for the couple. They got married on February 12, 2017.

Are K-pop idols allowed to date?

Idols have to sell a certain image of being available and dedicated to their fans. In the K-pop industry, the importance of fans and fan service is a lot higher compared to other music industries. In order to maintain that image of being “accessible” per se, companies ban K-Pop idols from dating.

Is it possible to date a KPOP Idol?

Dating in the world of K-pop is a sensitive topic, and agencies usually impose strict no dating rules on their stars, such as JYP’s famous “no dating until three years after the debut” rule.

How many kids does Taehyung want?

Asked about how many children does he want, he said that he would want three children if not five.

Who is V’s crush?

Like Jimin, V also has a crush on Rachel McAdams. Apart from that he is also a fan of Lily Collins, who stars in the movie “Shadowhunters” and “Love Rosie”.

What does Taehyung name his child?

The name of BTS’s V Future Son is Frenzy just like his Father. In the 100 episode anniversary of Run BTS, BTS recall their memories from old Run episodes and have a quiz from them.