Is the Warner Bros tour worth it?

Is the Warner Brothers Deluxe tour worth it?

In conclusion, the “deluxe” tour does not deliver and is a waste of money. If you want about 5 hours of studio time my recommendation is to take the $48 “VIP” tour (it’s great and well worth the money) and then go over to Paramount for their $40 tour. You’ll save $137 per person and you’ll see about as much as we did.

Is the Harry Potter studio tour worth it?

As a self-confessed fan, the Harry Potter Studios Tour was definitely worth it for me. … So, yes, the Harry Potter Studio Tour England is worth it for fans of any age. However, it also offers a unique experience for anyone film lover. Don’t discount this Studio Tour because you don’t like Harry Potter!

How long does the Warner Bros tour take?

The average visit to the Studio Tour lasts approximately three and a half hours, although there is no limit imposed on your time at the attraction.

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What do you see on the Warner Brothers tour?

During their Studio Tour, guests will explore the legendary 110-acre studio with a rare look inside many of the film’s production and backlot areas, such as the famed Midwest Street – the studio’s largest backlot set has appeared in nearly 400 movies and shows, including Rebel Without a Cause, The Music Man, Gremlins, …

Which LA studio tour is best?

As far as the best studio tours in Hollywood goes the clear winner here is Warner Brothers. They have the full package for an all-round studio tour experience. Universal could easily be a number one but for me as a studio experience, you want to go to Warner Brothers.

How much is Warner Bros Deluxe Tour?

HOW MUCH WILL TICKETS TO WARNER BROS. STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD COST? Depending on which tour you take, the cost will run between $69 – $79 per adult or $59 – $69 per child, though there is a deluxe tour for $295/person. There are currently three tours you can take, each with a different focus.

Which Harry Potter London tour is best?

10 Best Harry Potter Tours in London

  • 1 – Harry Potter Studios tour. …
  • 2 – Harry Potter walking tours. …
  • 3 – Harry Potter tours by black taxi cab. …
  • 4 – Harry Potter bus tours. …
  • 5 – Harry Potter free tours. …
  • 6 – Harry Potter self-guided tours. …
  • 7 – Harry Potter app tours and World of Wizards tour.

How much is Butterbeer at Harry Potter World UK?

Bottled Butterbeer is available at £5.95 for an individual 275ml bottle or £12.95 for a 4 x 200ml pack, and it can be purchased from both the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and Platform 9 ¾’s websites, as well as in store.

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Do you need a coat at Harry Potter studios?

Most of the studio you don’t – but there is one outside area where you certainly will – take hoodies you can tie round your waists? over a year ago. You will probably spend a max of 10 mins exposed outside. Even if it’s raining I’d suggest leave coats in transport or cloakroom.

Can you stay overnight at Harry Potter World?

The Warner Bros. … The Harry Potter Studio Experience with Overnight Stay is a wonderfully exciting Experience Day that would make a great gift for movie fans, or a celebratory treat for a special occasion. Enjoy!

What time does Harry Potter shut?

Typically during the week, the tours take place between 09:30 AM to 08:00 PM; on short days, tours take place between 08:30 AM to 06:00 PM. On longer days, opening hours vary between 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM and final tours take place by 06:30 PM.

Can you stay at Harry Potter World UK?

Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. Holiday Extras has launched the magical packages, which include stays at either the Jurys Inn Watford near the attraction, or the Leonardo Tower Bridge hotel in central London. Muggles can already book the deal online here including stays for the summer holidays.

Is Warner Bros owned by Disney?

Does Disney own Warner Bros? This is one that comes up often, “Does Disney own Warner Bros?”. The simple answer to that is no. Disney does not own Warner Bros.

How much do Warner Brothers tour guide make?

The typical Warner Bros. Tour Guide salary is $15 per hour. Tour Guide salaries at Warner Bros. can range from $13 – $16 per hour.

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Which is better Warner Brothers or Universal Studios?

As you can see these two studio experiences are quite different from one another. You should definitely visit both of the studios. I would say that the Warner Bros is more for movie fans, as it tells you much more about movie making production. Universal is for anyone who just wants to have fun.