What all documents are required for SDS Visa Canada?

application processing fee payment and biometric processing fee payment (if applicable) proof of identity. photocopy of the information and biographic data page of the applicant’s passport. any additional documents specified by the visa office instructions for the applicant’s region.

What documents are needed for SDS visa Canada?

List of documents required for SDS visa application:

  • Copy of your acceptance letter from the DLI.
  • Copy of your upfront medical examination confirmation.
  • Proof of GIC payment of $10000.
  • Proof of payment of first-year tuition fee.

What are the documents required for non SDS visa Canada?

Non-SDS Document Requirements for Visa Application

  • Official academic transcripts, including the 12th mark sheet. …
  • Undergraduate degree of advanced diploma. …
  • English proficiency test scores with IELTS of minimum 6.0 for UG and overall band of 6.5 for PG.
  • Offer letter from the colleges participating under Non-SDS.

Is ITR required for Canada student visa under SDS?

If you are applying under SDS category, you need not to provide ITRs.

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How long does SDS visa take?

The best time to apply for your SDS Canada Visa is 3 months before the Fall Intake. It usually takes up to 12 weeks or 90 days to process your application for a Canadian Student Visa. You can also apply for the Student Direct Stream to get a study permit faster.

Is proof of funds required for SDS?

You will not need to show any other funds. In case if you have any other savings for the 2nd year fee and living expenses which are more than 6 months old, you can upload them. However, that is not mandatory. The students must deposit an amount of $10000 (CAD) or more as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).

Which is better SDS or non SDS?

Non-SDS is 60 days processing on avg. SDS is now 20 days on avg. If you want to save time then go for SDS, if you have time, and don’t want to pay 1 year tuition fees, then you can go for non-SDS. Neither will affect your eligibility or increase or decrease your chances.

Is GIC compulsory for non-SDS?

Under non-SPP application, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is not compulsory. Savings in the bank, other investments, and education loan are all considered part of financial funds. Proof of funds to support living expenses – bank savings, investments, education loan etc.

Is GIC required for SDS?

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) verifies every GIC, eliminating the possibility of any kind of financial document related fraud. No other financial document is required under SDS to prove to the IRCC that the student has sufficient funds to support their tuition fee and living expenses.

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What is success rate of non-SDS?

Between Q1 2018 and May 2021, 390,181 non-SDS student visa applications have been processed by Canadian authorities for the seven countries with a 66.2% approval rate. A total of 312,546 SDS applications have been processed over the same time period with a approval rate of 79.4%.

Is police clearance required for student visa in Canada?

Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) is not a required document for Canada study visa application. You don’t need it. What is PCC? Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to Indian Passport holders in case they have applied for Residential Status, Employment or Long term visa or for immigration.

Is birth certificate required for Canada student visa?

In addition to the above documents you may also need birth certificate/translated and notarized, fee receipt, copy of the confirmation page of online visa application with bar code, original receipt of visa fee, original interview appointment letter, affidavit of support from sponsor (if applicable).

What is disadvantages of non-SDS in Canada?

The processing time of the visa applications under the Non-SDS category takes longer than the SDS category. There is no risk in submitting a student Visa for Canada in the general category. The processing time of the visa applications under the Non-SDS category takes longer than the SDS category.

Is ielts general accepted for SDS?

Hi. We accept both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training for the Student Direct Stream as long as you took the test within the last 24 months before the date of your SDS application and you’ve scored at least 6.0 in all four skills. Hi.

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What is SDS rule?

Student Direct Stream

Launched by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada on 8 June 2018, SDS enables students to get their study permit within 20 days. … SDS is more streamlined and has a wider choice of colleges and universities, also known as Designated learning institutions (DLIs), to which students can apply.

What is SDS rule for Canada?

IRCC, Canada has launched the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program in India on 8th June 2018 to provide more eligible Indian students with the opportunity to study at a Canadian post-secondary institution (Universities and Polytechnics) and for the faster student visa application processing time.