What is a business visa to India?

A Business Visa is strictly given to those who would like to make a business related trip to India such as making sales or establishing contact on behalf of a company outside of India. An applicant going for employment in projects/contract in India needs to apply for an Employment Visa, and not a Business Visa.

What do you need for a business visa to India?

An Indian business visa will require a passport with at least 6 months validity from time of entry.

What are the Indian business visa requirements?

  1. Your passport copy in PDF format.
  2. A digital passport photo in JPEG format.
  3. A copy of Business Card in PDF format.
  4. A credit/debit card, we also accept Paypal, Alipay, Wechat.

How much is a business visa to India?

Visa Service fee

Visa types Service fee/person (US Dollar)
e-Business Visa $79
e-Medical Visa $59
e-Medical Attendant Visa $59
e-Conference Visa $79

How long does it take to get a business visa to India?

Your visa application is processed within 15 days for USD 157.50 (service fees included). Rush Processing –This option is ideal for people who need to obtain a business visa in a short time. If you apply for a business visa and choose this option, the processing lasts only 3 days.

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What does business visa mean?

What is an Indian Business Visa? … The Business Visa is a multiple entry Visa meaning that holders of this Visa can travel in and out of the country for as long as the Business Visa is valid, provided they are doing so for business-related purposes.

How long can I stay in India on a business visa?

The business visa for India is a double-entry visa with a maximum stay of 180 days.

Can Americans travel to India?

Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter India? Yes. Travel to India for tourism and other short-term purposes resumed fully on November 15 for individuals holding tourist or e-tourist visas issued on or after October 6, 2021.

Can I enter India on a business visa?

An India Business Card will be issued to businessmen from SAARC countries who are eligible for a multiple entry Business Visa for a period of three years or more. … The businessman issued such an India Business Card will also have to carry the passport containing the Business Visa sticker for entry into India.

How much does an E visa cost for India?

4. For e-Tourist and e-Business visa, Applicants may apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival.

E – Visa.

30-day e-Tourist Visa (during July to March) US$ 25.00
One year e-Tourist Visa US$ 40.00
Five year e-Tourist Visa US$ 80.00

Can I get a 5 year visa for India?

The 5-year visit visa is a tourist visa granted to foreign nationals who wish to visit India for continuous trips, which is valid for 5 years. The maximum number of days that a foreign national can stay in India is 90 days per visit. However, the applicant bearing the 5-year visa can make multiple entries in India.

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Can you get married on business visa in India?

As per the visa manual, a tourist/business/employment/student visa can be converted to X2 visa only when the marriage takes place in India and gets registered within the validity of the present tourist visa. Contrary to that, if anyone wants to do so has to go back to his or her country and come back on X2 visa.

Is visa to India open?

All foreign nationals intending to visit India for individual tourism purposes will be permitted to enter India on e-Tourist Visa/regular paper Tourist Visa with effect from 15 November, 2021. Foreign nationals will not be allowed to enter India through land routes on e-Tourist Visa/regular paper Tourist Visa.

How long does a business visa last?

The US B1/B2 Tourist visa is valid for 10 years after issue. It means that after that time, you will need to renew your B1/B2 Visa if you want to stay in the United States long-term again. Also, it allows you to stay in the U.S. for a maximum of 180 days Per Entry.

What does a business visa allow you to do?

B-1 visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons traveling to the United States temporarily to engage in business activities such as the negotiation of contracts, consultation with business associates, litigation, and participation in scientific, educational, professional or business conventions, conferences or seminars …

Can I travel as a tourist on a business visa?

Business travelers may enter the United States using a B-1 ‘Visitor for Business’ Visa. … If you are a national of a Country that comes under the B-1/B-2 visa-waiver scheme for visits to the US for ninety days or less you should probably apply online using ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation).

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