Who is the writer of The Accidental Tourist Class 9?

The Accidental Tourist is a 1985 novel by Anne Tyler that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction in 1985 and the Ambassador Book Award for Fiction in 1986.

Who is the author of The Accidental Tourist Class 9?

“The Accidental Tourist’ is a humorous story. The author, Bill Bryson, narrates his experiences as an air traveller.

Who is the writer of The Accidental Tourist?

Introduction. This is a humorous story where the writer talks of the incidences where he acts clumsy. He tries to behave in a sophisticated manner but is unable to do so and ends up spilling drinks, smearing his face with ink and creating a mess on the dining table.

What is the author of the story The Accidental Tourist not good at?

Ans: The writer, Bill Bryson, thinks that the ‘most outstanding thing’ he is not good at is living in the real world. This reveals that he is so lost in his own thoughts that he fails to conduct himself like a normal person and ends up causing accidents.

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Who is the accidental tourist Why is he called so?

Why is he called so? Answer : The author, Bill Bryson, is the accidental tourist. He is called so because he is prone to committing accidents while travelling. He would do everything wrong whenever he would be travelling anywhere.

What is the specialty of Bryson in Accidental Tourist?

Bill Bryson claimed that he was easily confused. Many times he went looking for the lavatory in a cinema and ended up standing in an alley on the wrong side of a self-locking door. He said that his specialty was returning to hotel desks two or three times a day and asking what his room number was.

What does the term Accidental Tourist mean?

Somehow, to us, the expression “accidental tourist” has lost its original meaning and has come to represent someone who travels by himself, without resorting to travel organizations, and whose trips are unplanned.

When was the accidental tourist made?

The story is based on the theme that it is important to be well-planned and organised while travelling. In the absence of preparations before setting off, the traveller is bound to encounter accidents. Bill Bryson carried jumbled articles in his bag while travelling and in the process misplaced the most important ones.

What did the author want to get out of his carry bag at the London airport?

Answer: The author had joined ‘British Airways’ frequent flyer programme. On reaching London with his family, he remembered that he had put the card in his carry bag. He wanted to take it out of the bag to avail himself of the discount.

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What kind of picture do you get of the writer character from the lesson The Accidental Tourist?

What kind of picture do you get of the writer’s character from the lesson ‘The Accidental Tourist’? Answer: He appears to be a positive, funny, and self-deprecating man who does not mind highlighting his shortcomings. In fact, every instance that could have embarrassed other people has been shown in a humorous light.

Who came in the kingdom of fools?

Explanation: In the Kingdom of Fools, there came a Guru and a Disciple. When they came to the village, they found that everything cost the same, a single duddu – irrespective of any quantity and anything..

How does the author’s teeth and gums become blue in The Accidental Tourist?

ANSWER : Bryson’s teeth and gums look navy blue because Bryson Keep sucking at the end of his pen and the pen leaks and give him navy blue teeth and gums while writing down his thoughts in a notebook. **This story ‘The accidental tourist’ was written by Bill Bryson.

What did the author lose in an accident?

This is a narrative piece by Bill Bryson about his experiences during air flights. He has many bad experiences during these flights. He recalls all those experiences and we come to know how he fails to enjoy his air travels and being a frequent traveller not able to get any air card due to his carelessness.